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Aug 1, 2013 1:00pm EDT
? >> eric, i know you're joining us from detroit. a quick question regarding the sales for you guys, up more than 11%. but when you take a look at where trucks were, the real engine of your growth. are you seeing strength in one particular area of truck sales around the country, or is it pretty much across the board? >> it's pretty much across the board, phil. we are seeing some strength in some of the hotter housing markets, such as in california, new york and places like miami, but we're seeing truck strength really across the board. there really aren't any regions across the country that are down on trucks right now. >> while your truck sales were up 22.6%, i want to talk about the fusion, which is your top-selling car. sales down 12%. i know you were supply constrained because you were ramping up production at your flat rock assembly plant, but it brings up the question, did you leave some sales on the table last month? >> well, certainly if we had more inventory on some of our key vehicles like the fusion, we probably could have done even a little better than what we did on the retail s
Aug 29, 2013 1:00pm EDT
, sue. >> some welcome news today for bankrupt detroit. ford is ramping up production at its flat rock assembly plant just north of that city. phil bowsen is in flat rock where he talked to ceo alan mulally just a little bit ago. hi, phil. >> hi, sue. we're here at the flat rock assembly line as fusions and mustangs are rolling off the line. they'll be building both those models here, adding to the fusion production here. this is a big deal for ford. previously the fusion was built exclusively at its plant in mexico. ford was running tight on supplies, so it said, you know what? let's bring fusion production back here to flat rock, which is just south of detroit, and as a result they've added 1400 jobs, the second shift here. keep in mind half of ford's u.s. plant are now running three shifts. for the ford production, this is critical because you're looking at the best-selling car ford makes and the best-selling u.s. brand car. if you take a look at the top-selling cars this year, the fusion is number 6, and that's mainly because it's constrained by supply. it's nipping at the heels of
Aug 12, 2013 1:00pm EDT
munis got hurt on the detroit concern. is that an issue we'll see further problems with other municipalities down the road? >> that's a great point, bob. i think you'll see more complicated issues per state, but those are the ones where, you know, a good portfolio manager is going to look and say what are the revenues and tax revenues that will always be there? we'll be in our cars and rvs passing through turn pikes. >> you betcha. >> but it's an important point, and also to your point about china just getting back to the global markets. you're looking at a pe ratio going forward in the capital markets in europe about 12 to 13 times versus the united states which are approaching 14, 15 times so we're getting to be a little better value outside this country and a big contrarian indicator for portfolio workers. so having the "wall street journal" say emerging markets may have lost their luster, on the flip side i think there may be better values. >> appreciate it, j.j. burns. ty, up to you. >> general motors saying so long to south korea. this after mounting labor costs and mili
Aug 19, 2013 1:00pm EDT
, roughly the size of the city of denver or detroit. it is still very active today. it is chewing through forestland, it's feeding on dry fuel, it is threatening more than 5,000 homes. thousands of people in this region have been evacuated as this blaze continues to move. more than 1,200 firefighters are on the front lines trying to protect properties in this region. as you may be aware, there are some high-priced, high-end properties there, arnold schwarzenegger, tom hanks, among the many celebrities with second homes here. right now it's close to 10% contained, but they're certainly trying to build that protective ring around this blaze. it's a very aggressive fire. crews will be out here today in about 90 degree temperatures doing all they can to beat back those flames. the next 24 hours will certainly be critical. back to you. >> well, miguel, thank you very much. the heat out there obviously not helping fighting in the fire, but the heat is helping in terms of sales of tesla. its shares are up a whopping 328% this year. who is buying the car? phil lebeau is in chicago behind the whee
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4